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Tequila Coffee Exists To Make Your Mornings Much, Much Better

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(image: Fire Department Coffee)

The best part of waking up is tequila in your cup.

Is that not how the slogan goes? If you’re looking for a seasonal twist to your morning cup, a line of spirit-spiked coffee is just what you’ve been looking for.


Fire Department Coffee crafts its coffee with a signature spirit-infusion process, resulting in a tequila blend with “hints of lime and a crisp, sweet finish.” You can buy the beans ground or whole bean and get them delivered to your door for $20 per pound.

The Illinois coffee company boasts a whole line of boozy coffee—choose from bourbon, Irish whiskey, tequila or rum variations. We’re particularly interested in rum coffee that “tastes like a Caribbean vacation.” Sign us up.

The company’s name wasn’t chosen randomly. Proceeds of every order go to charities that support firefighter and military charities. At least you can feel good about your boozy indulgence.

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