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7 Perfect Tailgating Shots and Cocktails

Katherine Hysmith for the Young Austinian.

It’s that time of the year when every football fan is in full tailgate mode. Armed with cases of beer, shot glasses and big-batch punches, alcohol is no stranger to football pregames. Looking to step your tailgate drink game up? We’ve found the seven tastiest concoctions sure to make your tailgate party the best in town. Maybe you’ll find the perfect recipe for the next big game.

1. Watermelon Tequila Jello Shots

Kirbie’s Cravings

Jell-O Shots are a tailgating staple, and this recipe makes them extra festive. Use some leftover lime shells, strawberry Jell-O, tequila and sesame seeds to make crowd-pleasing mini boozy watermelons. (Sorry, no real watermelon flavor in this recipe!) Delicious and no spill? That’s a win-win.

2. Blood Orange Bourbon Sunrise

With Salt & Wit

Simple and sweet, this recipe is perfect for an early-morning tailgater. The Screwdriver, a common morning favorite, spikes orange juice with vodka. And this more sophisticated take is for all the whiskey lovers out there. And did we mention it only has three ingredients?

3. Lime Drop Shots


Consider this a sweeter shooter version of a Margarita. The strong citrus base is made from whole limes and packs a deliciously strong punch when paired with tequila. Just remember to down these tasty shots in moderation, or you might not remember most of the game.

4. Bloody Mary Shots with Applewood Smoked Salt

Take Two Tapas

The epitome of brunch, a Bloody Mary may be one of the only socially acceptable drinks to have before noon. These adorable shooters take the beloved vodka drink into responsibility territory with their smaller portions and pack a flavorful punch with a rim full of craft smoked salt.

5. Cucumber Basil IPA Cooler

The Beeroness

Nothing says football like an ice cold beer, so why not make some brew into a refreshing cocktail? Step up your game a bit and add some delicious ingredients to your favorite citrusy IPA. Topped with cucumber and basil flavors, this drink is the perfect refresher for those extra hot game days.

6. Margaritas To Go

My Crazy Good Life

Three words: adult Capri Sun. These bad boys are perfect for smuggling into any sporting event just so you can get that extra buzz. Not only are the pouch Margaritas delicious, but they’re even low calorie, so there’s no guilt in having two or three ... or four.

7. Bloody Mariachi Cucumber Shots

Katherine Hysmith for the Young Austinian

This recipe is a surefire way to make sure your guests get their grub on while still achieving a healthy dose of booze. This spicy Bloody Mary–inspired concoction is picture perfect and polished off by being served in a cucumber shot glass. Once you finish your shot, you can munch on the cucumber for an extra snack.