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New Survey Shows Least Acceptable First Date Drink Order

Image: Tim Nusog

A first date is all about first impressions, so it’s common to overthink everything from what you wear to what you order.

When it comes to cocktails, a new survey from showed that Vodka Red Bull is the worst first date drink to order (30 percent of respondents) according to women, while men say it’s a Sex on the Beach (35 percent).

Wine was considered the best drink to order on a first date, according to 47 percent of surveyed Americans, followed by beer and a Margarita.

The survey also identified the 20 most popular alcoholic drinks, with beer taking the top spot, as well as which common drinks are considered upscale. Champagne and wine topped the list of most classy drinks, while Vodka Red Bull and beer were considered the least classy.

A total of 1,003 people were surveyed and given a choice of 29 beverages to choose from when answering.