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6 Scotch Drinks Perfect for Summer

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It’s time for Endless Summer. Get the most out of the season while it’s still here.

It’s summertime. Do you know where your Scotch is?


With its strong and smoky flavors, Scotch isn’t the first spirit that comes to mind when thinking of refreshing drinks. But there’s a side to this serious whisky that wants desperately to play nice with the right summer ingredients. This season, give your tequilas and gins a sabbatical and embrace the Scotch-y dark side.

1. Penicillin Cocktail 

Armed with two Scotches, the Penicillin seems more like a concoction for the dead of winter than the heat of summer. But the accompaniment of honey, ginger and lemon juice lifts the peaty heaviness and shifts it into a refreshing drink with a bite. Make the honey syrup in advance, and you’ll be able to sip on this cocktail all summer long. Get the recipe.

2. Zucca Sprezzatura

Who says you shouldn’t feel bitter about summer? The Zucca Sprezzatura combines Scotch and Zucca, an amaro, for a smoky and sharp cocktail perfect for everyone who enjoys a taste that’s darker than the usual summer classics. Three ounces of lemon soda give this drink the fizzy touch to quench that heat-induced thirst. Get the recipe.

3. Scarlet Starlet

Image: saveur.com

With strawberries, vanilla, egg white and hibiscus, the Scarlet Starlet isn’t the spirit-forward Scotch cocktail you’re used to. Sweet and fruity, this cocktail will satisfy the need to drink light during hotter months, while adding a hint of smoke for Scotch lovers. Get the recipe.

4. Summer Breeze

Image: delish.com

Having friends over? This is the recipe for you. With raspberries, guava nectar, Framboise and mint, the Summer Breeze is going to make it (ahem) a breeze to share a refreshing Scotch drink with all your friends.  Get the recipe.

5. High Voltage

Scotch is a hard taste to cover up, so why bother at all? The High Voltage takes the big flavors of the brown spirit and let’s them shine in this three-ingredient cocktail. Orange liqueur and your choice of lemon or lime juice are the supporting cast. The result is a smoky and citrusy drink with a touch of sweetness. Drink this one with your pinky out. Get the recipe.

6. Glasgow Mule

We’ve already discussed the classic Moscow Mule, but let’s head to Scotland, shall we? The Glasgow Mule leaves the vodka in Russia and uses Scotch instead for a completely different taste. Also adding to the chorus of ingredients are elderflower liqueur, Angostura bitters, ginger beer and lime juice for a spicy and floral cocktail that might have you forgetting about vodka for all time. Get the recipe.

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