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Study Reveals Vodka Red Bull Proven To Start Fights

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Hot-headed when you drink? Constantly getting into bar fights? We sure hope not, but if this sounds like you, there may be a scientific explanation.

A study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research states the mixture of vodka and Red Bull, more commonly referred to as a Vodka Red Bull, intensifies the effects of binge drinking and significantly heightens the risk of participating in violent behaviors such as fighting.


Dr. Matt Parker of the University of Portsmouth, along with researchers from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil, conducted a study to document how the combination of alcohol and taurine, a key ingredient found in Red Bull and other leading energy drinks, altered the behavior of a group of zebrafish.

After dividing the fish into separate groups, the researchers exposed each one to a different combination of liquid—either only water, alcohol and taurine separately, or alcohol and taurine as a mixture. Each group’s behavior was documented for a period of one hour.

The study concludes that fish exposed to both alcohol and taurine acted more recklessly and socialized less than their counterparts. Researchers state that although alcohol can cause euphoria in small doses, in higher doses it can result in fighting or otherwise risky behavior.

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