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Start Your Holiday Shopping With A Drunk Text

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While some of us might still be recovering from a full day of, well, being full, Black Friday (a.k.a. the day after Thanksgiving) has become the holiday that shoppers live for—a day of deals, lines, crowds, markdowns and the occasional scuffle. No wonder why so many shoppers are driven to drink. It’s also no wonder so many holiday bargain hunters also choose to shop from the comfort of home, making purchases via laptop from the couch, perhaps with a drink in hand, rather than venturing out.

For anyone who’s knocked backed a few and found themselves online, drunk shopping is nothing new. To that point, those who’ve woken up with a headache and an e-mail notification of new items being shipped out of a warehouse—and little recollection of how that exactly that happened—have likely heard of DrunkMall, the e-commerce site that caters to tipsy shoppers.


Tyler Coe, founder of DrunkMall, decided to take things one step further this season, with the launch of DrunkPhone, in which non-sober folks can make a purchase with a punch of a button.

“I just don’t think people hanging out with their friends at parties or at a bar are going to want to spend very much time browsing a website together,” Coe told the Cut.

True, texting is slightly more social than huddling around a laptop with friends, and here’s the premise of DrunkPhone: Just text a number (1-10, spelled out) to 347-WASTED-4 and you’ll get a reply from an elf with a product suggestion. Okay, maybe it’s not an elf, but there is a reply with a gift idea and a link to buy said gift. Sure, this too may come with a side of regret, but perhaps that’s the real lesson of drunk texting.  

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