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The Color of the Year Is Now Appearing in the Country’s Cocktails

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The Pantone Color Institute recently announced that “greenery” is the Color of the Year 2017 and describes the hue as a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.” Just in time for spring—and, we’d argue, St. Patrick’s Day—these are eight cocktails in varying shades of grassy green to drink at bars right now.

Can’t make it to any of the bars serving these great green drinks? Try making the classic Midori Sour at home.


1. Nymph (The Leopard at des Artistes, New York City)

Spring-bright in the glass, this drink features Partida blanco tequila, Midori melon liqueur, lemon juice, a spoonful of clover honey and egg white. The finishing touch: a paper-thin shaving of honeydew melon and a fresh mint leaf, skewered and balanced atop the rocks glass.

2. Mojo Manor (Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago)

Bartender Pito Rodriguez makes a savory riff on the classic Daiquiri, featuring a mojo tincture based on his aunt’s mojo sauce. The secret ingredient? Lots and lots of cilantro, which lends its chlorophyll tint to Don Q Cristal tequila, lime juice and a house-made spiced pineapple syrup.

3. Crimson & Clover & The Golden Harp (MiniBar, Los Angeles)

An Irish whiskey cocktail in shades of spring green? Yes! This stirred and boozy sipper showcases Jameson whiskey infused with orange blossom and clover, along with Green Chartreuse and orange curaçao.

4. Insanely Good Midori Sour (The Up & Up, New York City)

This elevated take on a guilty-pleasure classic has been an instant hit since it launched last year. It’s made with Midori and lime cordial for that spring-green hue, as well as Martin Miller’s Westbourne dry gin, lemon juice and egg white for that frothy cap.

5. Hipster Elixir (Victor Tangos, Dallas)

This tall, cool sipper is like an alcoholic version of your favorite green juice. It’s made with kale, ginger, apple, lemon, mint and funky kombucha, plus a dose of gin for extra kick.

6. Internal Affair (Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen, Tampa)

At this chainlet (in Florida, Illinois in Texas), this lively green Margarita-style drink is made with a mix of Tequila Avión, jalapeño pepper, pineapple and basil. The spicy libation is served on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass.

7. She-lei-lei (Pouring Ribbons, New York City)

(image: Jenny Adams)

Matcha tea provides the deep grassy green glow in this drink, along with vegetal earthiness on the palate. Made with Knappogue 12-year-old Irish whiskey, Vita Coco coconut water and rich cane sugar syrup, the drink is finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon, plus a whole cinnamon stick as a contrasting garnish.

8. Say Wha? (South Water Kitchen, Chicago)

Head bartender Dan Rook achieves a grassy hue by mixing fresh lime juice, tarragon and avocado with St. George Terroir gin and a spicy cayenne chile and agave syrup. Then he punches it up further still with a grind of fresh black pepper.

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