Welcome to Bourbon Cocktail Season (Partner Tip)

Nights are starting earlier, there’s a chill in the air and the leaves have begun to fall: It’s time to make some bourbon cocktails.

Few things are better in autumn than sipping a rich and warming whiskey concoction, and we recommend you try using Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon in your favorite recipes. This delicious spirit has a long history, and it’s made with wheat as a secondary grain instead of rye, giving it a smooth flavor. Plus, it’s 92-proof, a high-octane strength that lends itself to mixing.

And in our latest series of How to Cocktail videos, top bartender Dominic Venegas show you how to whip up a trio of drinks using Larceny.

If you’re an Old Fashioned or Sazerac fan, fix The Inside Job, a strong-and-sweet creation with just a tinge of absinthe flavor.

For something a bit more refreshing, make a Brown Derby. This bright and sweet tipple incorporating grapefruit juice and honey syrup is simple to make but has complex flavor.

Or travel back in time with the Bourbon Rickey. Though the bubbly classic is often now made with gin, it originally called for bourbon. In the video, Venegas also demonstrates the Autumn Rickey, his maple syrup-spiked update of this staple.

For even more excellent cocktail recipes, visit Larceny’s Facebook page.

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