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Mix These Smooth and Sweet Bourbon Cocktails: Sponsored Shot

When you’re trying a new bourbon, how do you decide what cocktails to make? Sure, you could turn to classics like the Manhattan or Old Fashioned, but for a novel whiskey, we recommend a novel recipe.

And the just-released Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon is ideal for mixing. Instead of using the combination of corn, barley and spicy rye that’s employed by most brands, it uses corn, barley and sweeter wheat, which works nicely with all sorts of ingredients. And to get you started, we have a few original recipes you’ll want to try.


You probably already know bourbon and ginger ale is delicious, but add a little apple juice and you’ve got a drink on a whole other level. This deceptively simple concoction, called the Stone Cold Larceny, is a perfect fall tipple.

Nearly as easy to fix but of a completely different flavor profile is the Smash and Grab. Fresh orange and mint help to highlight Larceny’s smooth character without overpowering any of its subtle oak notes.

Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? Whip up The Inside Job. With maraschino liqueur and just a hint of absinthe, this complex elixir will impress even the most dedicated cocktail aficionados.

Whatever you decide, join us in toasting this tasty new bourbon.

John E. Fitzgerald Larceny. Distilled and Bottled by Old Fitzgerald Distillery. Bardstown, KY 40004 46% Alc./Vol. ©2012

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