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You’ve made the pilgrimage to Bourbon County and maybe even traveled part of Scotland’s whisky trail, but have you visited any Irish distilleries? While the country’s whiskey has become wildly popular in America, what’s not widely known is that all four of its distillers are now open to the public. Bon voyage!

Bushmills, 011 44 28 207 33218:

The town of Bushmills, at the top of the isle in Northern Ireland, has been known for its fine liquor since 1608. The eponymous distillery is well-equipped for guests and even offers a bar, restaurant and gift shop. If you make the trip, you’ll get to watch its nine copper pot stills in action and have a taste of their output.

Cooley, 011 353 42 937 6102:

Ireland’s major independent distillery, Cooley produces a number of whiskies, including Connemara, Greenore and Tyrconnell. Just last fall, the company’s main facility, about an hour north of Dublin, started offering a one-hour behind-the-scenes tour led by the warehouse manager. (You do need to make an appointment in advance. Book it online.)

Jameson, 011 353 1 807 2355:

When you’re in Dublin, stop by Jameson’s original location, which has been turned into a visitors’ center. You’ll get plenty of history about John Jameson, and a dram. Travel south to County Cork and you can check out the brand’s functioning distillery, pictured above, as well. (Enter Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Day giveaway and you could go for free.)

Kilbeggan, 011 353 1 833 3505:

For five decades, Kilbeggan, located west of Dublin, was mothballed. But just four years ago, Cooley began producing whiskey at the site again, which coincided with its 250th anniversary. When you visit, you can see alcohol being made in the historic copper pot still, the giant waterwheel turning and coopers at work.

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Hey,Ireland is quite the beautiful place.Wonderful scenery,and,wonderful Irish Whiskeys.As we know from living in the USA,we too have a beautiful place to be from.Yes,we have all the good Irish booze also.Ireland would be a wonderful place to visit,but,I'll take the good old USA.Oh,by the way,we too have all the great Irish Whiskey.Be safe,want to say,as we all know in the USA,don't drink and drive.Wanna talk to you all again,soon.

  • Cheryl Burns posted 6 years ago

    I would love to tour Ireland

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