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Sparkling Classics

Trying to decide whether to serve Champagne or mix up cocktails tonight? Have one glass.

Did we get your attention? Well, we don’t suggest you add bubbly to every drink, but many recipes are delicious—and look more festive—topped with some sparkling wine.

But we have to confess we didn’t come up with this idea; it’s actually an old bartender’s trick. For instance, if you add Champagne to a Sidecar you get another tasty classic: the French 75.

So in a few hours while you’re waiting for the ball to drop, whip up a pitcher of Margaritas and top off each glass with some champers. (We suggest using a dry wine.) The bubbles make the drink a bit lighter and add a holiday flair. This technique also works well with the Daiquiri, and you can even finish a Mojito or an Old Fashioned with a splash of sparkling wine instead of club soda.

Let’s toast to a happy and spirited new year!