Hard Truths Vodka Drinkers Need to Hear

Presented by Sobieski

Sobieski’s main mission is making good, honest vodka. That means using the best ingredients and a distilling process that are beyond reproach. Its focus on keeping it real makes it hard to let certain misconceptions about vodka go unchallenged. That’s why Sobieski is setting the record straight and sharing these hard truths about vodka.

  1. Not All Vodka Is Russian

Great vodka comes from around the world, not just Russia. Sobieski, the pride of Poland, is one example of amazing non-Russian vodka. It’s made from 100 percent, rye, giving Sobieski a fresh, citrusy and nutty taste that’s different to vodkas made from wheat or a blend of grains.

  1. Putting Vodka Through a Water Filter Doesn’t Make It Better

There’s no shortcut for making great vodka. Putting cheap vodka through a water filter won’t change the fact that it wasn’t made with the best ingredients. Here’s a foolproof way to improve the vodka you’re drinking: Buy better vodka.

  1. All Vodkas Aren’t Made the Same

Every vodka is different, and it’s not just quality that distinguishes vodkas. The spirit can be made with rye, potato, wheat, grapes and more, and each of these ingredients gives vodka a unique profile. For instance, rye vodka comes with a fresh and lemony aroma, citrusy and nutty flavor and clean, smooth finish. Sobieski is probably the best example of this, since it’s made with 100 percent pure rye.

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  • j.lusk.e9cdf posted 3 months ago

    When I tried Sobieski vodka I never bought another brand. Its the best!

  • buzzyb posted 3 months ago

    Sobieski tastes exactly like Nikolai - which you can buy for seven bucks a fifth.

  • wileywalt.e47f33 posted 3 months ago

    Ad or not, Sobieski is ONE HELL OF A GREAT VODKA!!!

  • martinigirlmina posted 4 months ago

    Nice advertisement.

  • EdtheBook posted 4 months ago

    It seems to be a one sided advertisement. There is one little tidbit that is amusing. If you want to improve the vodka you are drinking than buy better vodka. I don't think that Sobieski is considered top shelve.

  • octagramt.58d00 posted 4 months ago

    liquor.com must be falling on hard times to have to waste its server space on advertisements disguised as articles.

  • ocpd44@gmail.com posted 4 months ago

    Maybe it's my lifelong love affair with scotch and gin but, I've never met a vodka I liked. To me, it all tastes the same.

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