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Smögen Takes Back Record For The World’s Strongest Gin

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Competition in the booze world is fierce, but it’s not always in the ways we think. A Swedish gin brand just smashed a new record, and it didn’t involve becoming the best-selling alcohol in its category.

Smögen, a small craft distillery that produces single-malt whiskey and gin, recently released Strane Ultra Uncut, a new gin that clocks in at 82.5 percent ABV.


Smögen had held the title for the strongest gin until February 2018 with its Strane London Dry Gin Uncut Strength, which was 76 percent ABV. Scottish distillers Twin Rivers broke that record with a bottle reaching 77 percent. Lead distiller Pär Calndeby took that as a challenge and began tweaking the original Smögen recipe.

He ultimately changed the still production, as well as doubled the amount of botanicals included. If you want to get your hands on the strong gin, it’s only available in Sweden and the U.K. for now. Guess you’ll have to settle for this or this in the meantime.

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