Shaking Up Spas

A mug of herbal tea has long been a spa staple. But recently more stimulating beverages have been seen in these temples of wellness—cocktails. Maybe this should come as no surprise. A spate of attention-grabbing studies have found that alcohol—when consumed in moderation—may actually provide some health benefits, such as possibly lowering the risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke. (And if you think a massage is relaxing, try one after a Mojito.) Still, don’t expect shots in the sauna. Most of these “spa cocktails” pack as many healthy ingredients as possible—kind of like alcoholic versions of smoothies—with nutrient-rich mixers like pomegranate juice, the sugar-alternative agave nectar and, of course, organic spirits. Try a “treatment” at one of these spas.

Camelback Inn, 5402 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 480 948 1700:

Newly renovated, the adobe-chic Camelback goes out of its way to use organic spirits and healthy ingredients. The menu includes the sparkling Elderflower Fizz, which uses Square One Organic Vodka, St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a homemade lime sour mix, and a Pineapple Vanilla Mojito made with fresh fruit, Papagayo Organic White Rum, Navan Vanilla Liqueur and agave nectar.


Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, 6801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 800 742 9000:

Opened in 2008, Canyon Ranch has a sleek and airy 70,000-square-foot “wellness spa” with other-worldly amenities, including a “crystal steam room” and an “ice igloo.” It’s an appropriate setting for sipping refreshing drinks like the Melon Ball Spa-Tini, with fresh mint and pineapple.

Miraval Resort & Spa, 5000 E. Via Estancia Miraval, Tucson, AZ, 800 232 3969:

Miraval may be known as a place where celebrities like Oprah go to detox, but it still has a wet bar. In fact, the cocktail menu is filled with nutritional trivia, such as the fact that watermelon, used in the Mojito, is packed with lycopene, a potent antioxidant that is thought to help prevent cancer.

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