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Science Says Guys Nights Help Keep Men Healthy

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Good news, boys! It turns out those drunken nights out with your friends may be the key to a healthy life.

A recent study out of Oxford University suggests that guys going out together twice a week may, in fact, be a necessity. The research focused on male socialization and its effects on various aspects of health.


Conducted by psychologist Robin Dunbar, director of Oxford’s social and evolutionary neuroscience group, the study found several health benefits from weekly male outings. Some of the benefits include decreased anxiety, stronger immune function, release of endorphins and even higher levels of generosity.

So why do guys nights have such excellent effects on men? Dunbar claims it’s due to the type of activities men do together while out and about. Popular male activities like sports and drinking help to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The subsequent feelings of bonding and friendship cause such important health benefits.

So make sure to listen to the doctor, and have some brews with the boys a few times a week!

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