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Get Drunk on Saturday Night Live

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Take a sip everytime you see this guy on SNL.

This comedy sketch show isn’t slowing down a bit after 39 seasons. Saturday Night Live has millions of viewers each week and an unending stream of celebrity guests. It remains our go-to show for a laugh.

From Molly Shannon to Amy Poehler, Dana Carvey to Will Ferrell, the characters on SNL are hilarious and eternally quotable. Time to turn that comedy gold into a boozy, side-splitting drinking game! Whether you’re watching reruns from the 70s or are just getting ready for next season with a stream of your favorite clips (drunk uncle, anyone?), here are a few rules to keep your game fun and, of course, well-lubricated.


Ready… Set… Take a drink every time…


1. The host or a cast member breaks character.

2. Drunk Uncle makes an appearance.

3. There’s a celeb guest appearance (one drink per celeb, not including the host).

4. Someone speaks with an accent.

5. There’s a fake commercial (drink twice if you’d actually buy the product).

6. Someone portrays the President or Vice President (or any politician, really).

7. Justin Timberlake makes an appearance (or anytime he’s portrayed by another cast member).

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