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Will Kit Kat’s Boozy New Flavor Get You Drunk?

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You’ve sipped your sake neat, even mixed it into cocktails. But have you ever eaten it? Now you can, thanks to a new Kit Kat candy bar flavor.

In honor of the Japanese festival of risshun, or the traditional first day of spring, Nestlé Japan has released a sake-flavored white-chocolate bar in a wrapper festooned with pink cherry blossoms. The bar’s cookie wafers are infused with real sake, then doused in white chocolate. But at just 0.8 percent ABV, or 1.6 proof, the candy’s more likely to give you a sugar high than a booze buzz.

Sake isn’t the only funky Kit Kat flavor Japanese fans are lucky enough to try. Wasabi, soybean and sweet red-bean paste flavors have all already hit the shelves, as has a limited-edition Kit Kat bar wrapped in real gold leaf. While these versions are only available in Japan, we’re hoping they make their way to the States soon.

Read more about sake Kit Kats at FoodBeast.

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