Rosé-Infused Chocolate Is Your New Favorite Sweet

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If you weren’t able to get your hands on the rosé-flavored gummies that have completely taken over the internet, we have good news for you: There’s a new wine-infused candy on the block, and it doesn’t have a waitlist—at least not yet.

Los Angeles-based chocolatier Compartés’ new Roses & Rosé chocolate bar features white chocolate infused with pink French wine and crystallized rose petals. It’s a gorgeous rosy shade that will make all your Instagram followers swoon and costs $9.95.

If you aren’t in love with the rosé craze that’s been sweeping the nation, Compartés makes other boozy sweets, including truffles infused with whiskey, beer or wine and Piña Colada and Nightcap chocolate bars infused with Jamaican rum and whiskey, respectively.

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