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6 Spiked Desserts That Could Make Valentine’s the Best Day Ever

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With a plethora of cards full of clichés and cheap Champagnes to weed through on Valentine’s Day, nothing says “be mine” like a spiked homemade treat.

A splash of liqueur, brown spirit, bubbly or a variety of vinos, from sparkling to fortified, go a long way in these Valentine’s Day–ready sweets.


1. Red Velvet Trifle

Trying to bolster your budding romance? Peel back the layers to your Valentine’s heart with a red velvet trifle. Start with a ruby-hued layer of store-bought red velvet cake (make your own from scratch for extra brownie points) and liqueur-soaked raspberries—crème de cassis or Chambord will do. Smother those boozy berries with a sweet cream cheesy sauce and homemade whipped cream, and repeat for a disarmingly delicious dessert. Get the recipe.

2. Port Wine Lollipops  

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Put down the conversation hearts and pick up some Port instead. Breathe new meaning (and more romance) into the term “dessert wine” with heart-shaped Port wine lollipops. Add a sprinkle of gold luster dust to these simple four-ingredient suckers for an added pop of color that’s sure to impress your sweetheart more than a store-bought “I <3 U” could. Get the recipe.

3. Champagne Truffles   

Champagne, ✓. Chocolate, ✓. What more could you ask for in a Valentine’s Day treat? Don’t let the cocoa-dusted dark-chocolate exterior fool your loved one—these sweet-tooth-satisfying truffles have a velvety white chocolate and Champagne center. Keep the sweet surprises coming with other booze-infused fillings like Baileys and milk chocolate. Get the recipe.

4. Cherry Vanilla Hot Chocolate 

There’s nothing wrong with drinking your dessert. In fact, doing so might just be the best way to heat things up this Valentine’s Day. Add Kirsch—a fruit brandy distilled from morello cherries—fresh whipped cream and maraschino cherries to creamy vanilla hot chocolate for your sweetie, and let the snuggling begin. Get the recipe.

5. Manhattan Cocktail Truffles

Image: freutcake.com

Looking to dodge the date-night crowds? Spike your night in with homemade cocktail-inspired truffles. Mimic the Manhattan by pairing bittersweet chocolate ganache with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and a bitters-soaked maraschino cherry center. Charm any classic cocktail lover with these boozy balls. Get the recipe.

6. Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes

Play matchmaker with these blushing beauties. Show your other half that you’re a perfect pair with a cupcake flavored by a dynamic duo: rosé and raspberries. Add a passionate pop of color when you top this rosé-laced cake with fresh raspberries and a bright and boozy buttercream frosting made from a wine and berry reduction. Get the recipe.


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