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Rick Astley Graduates From Internet Meme to Beer Brewer

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Soon there will be one beer that’s never gonna give you up or let you down.

That’s right: The one and only Rick Astley is switching careers from one-hit wonder to brewmaster. In a collaboration with Danish beer brand Mikkeller, Astley is planning to launch a Pilsner-style lager.


Although this may seem like an unlikely collaboration, the man better known as the poster child for viral pranks (not to mention muse for speechwriters) has been planning the new venture for a while.

“Mikkeller beer is quite experimental, and they’ve been sending me various bottles to sample,” Astley told Irish Mirror. The singer elaborated that the brand makes several fruity beers, so we’re not quite sure how he settled on such a safe flavor.

The ginger heartthrob has apparently become quite the beer enthusiast over the years, having even been known to drink a brew or two onstage during performances. Maybe he’ll be drinking his own stuff by the next time he goes on tour.

Although we’re all hoping to see an ale from the “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer soon, it’s still missing one thing before it’s ready for the public: a name. We’re sure his fans will have some creative suggestions.

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