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Drink Wine to Lose Weight? Experts Say Yes

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Looking to shed a few of those unwanted pounds? Red wine might become your next workout buddy.

Earlier this year, a 24-year-old fitness blogger posted a workout clip showing herself using bottles of vino in place of free weights and a glass of wine as incentive when doing pushups. Her post went viral, and she found herself in the middle of a media storm.


“I want to show people that you don’t need a lot of time, expensive equipment or fancy gear to reach your goals,” April wrote on her blog. Since the infamous first post, she’s added two other wine workouts to her pages. Fitness giant Reebok has also caught on to the trend and incorporated wine bottles into spinning, yoga and CrossFit classes.

And good news for those who use wine as a post-workout reward: Scientists have found that drinking red wine could be beneficial if you’re looking to lose weight.

A Washington State study found that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine and grapes, converts stubborn white fat into calorie-burning beige fat and can help prevent obesity and metabolic dysfunction. It also found that mice that ingested resveratrol gained 40 percent less weight than their control counterparts. However, you need to be careful about how much resveratrol you’re really getting with your wine. “Many of the beneficial polyphenols are insoluble and get filtered out during the wine production process,” says Min Du, who led the study.

If the possible benefits of resveratrol aren’t enough to convince you, consider this: A 2010 study from Harvard University followed 220 women over 13 years and found that normal-weight women who consumed about two glasses of wine a night gained less weight and had a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese. 

When’s the best time to drink that wine? A study on bees from Arizona State University found that resveratrol suppresses appetite, meaning a nightly glass of wine or two could help stop you from overindulging at dinner or grabbing a late-night snack.

The next time you work out, use some bottles for weights and then grab a glass or two later that night instead of dessert—your waistline may thank you.

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