Red, White & Blue Drinks

No matter if you’re grilling, relaxing on a beach or watching fireworks tomorrow, the wonderful thing about July 4 is that we each observe the holiday in our own way. But any Independence Day celebration should, of course, include a red, white and blue cocktail: It is, after all, an American invention.

So in keeping with the spirit of the day, we naturally recommend fixing red, white and blue drinks. It may be a bit corny, but we promise these recipes are delicious. Happy Fourth of July!


When we think of red tipples, summer staple watermelon first comes to mind. So try all-star bartender and advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann’s Whatamelon that combines, you guessed it, watermelon with vodka, St-Germain, mint and white wine.


Starting your festivities early? Whip up the rich Ramos Gin Fizz. The traditional eye-opener was born in New Orleans and, according to legend, was former Louisiana Governor Huey Long’s favorite. It calls for gin, both lemon and lime juices, orange flower water, heavy cream and an egg white.


The Diamond Blue might just be the best blue cocktail we’ve ever heard of and was created by top mixologist and contributor Charlotte Voisey. It’s a bubbly mix of Hendrick’s Gin, crème de violette, blue Curaçao and Champagne.

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