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5 Reasons Shots Are A Bartender’s Best Friend

There’s much more to the humble bar shot than meets the eye. And no one knows this better than bartenders themselves.

It’s true, shots often act as the lighter fluid that ignites a night out. But for those in the industry, they’re also a symbol of community and ritual after a long night behind the stick. The proof: six reasons why bartenders will always appreciate that ounce-sized sip.


1.Red alert: The bar is 10-deep with guests shouting drink orders like machine-gun fire. This is when bartenders appreciate the shots most. It’s an easy call to understand amid the din of drunk requests and even easier to pour quickly with one hand, unlike a complex cocktail creation.

2.The shot and beer combo is a classic. After an exhausting night of cocktail slinging, it’s often what professionals order for themselves when their shifts end. Completely satisfying in its simplicity, the Boilermaker will never go out of style.

3.Talk about a crowdpleaser. The simple shot is small yet mighty in its ability to subdue a belligerent bar crowd. No mixers; no barspoons; no worry required.

4.The best way to show appreciation for your bartender? In addition to a generous tip, it’s good form to offer your host a shot when ordering a round for your group. It’s a thoughtful way to include your bartenders, and they appreciate this gesture—whether they agree to take the shot or not.

5.Ever heard of a “safety meeting?” The industry nickname for a mid-shift swig is a ritual long-practiced by bartenders everywhere. A quick shot during work signals that familiar sense of community shared among staff members, and is a welcome break during an intense shift.

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