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Ready-to-Drink Alcoholic Iced Coffee Just Hit the Market thanks to RumChata

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More than 60 percent of U.S. adults said they drink some form of coffee at least once a day, according to Gallup. What could make this essential morning routine even better? Booze.

RumChata just launched the first and only premium ready-to-drink alcoholic iced coffee, FrappaChata. The product consists of RumChata’s award-winning cream liqueur combined with a custom blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees. With its sweet, smooth taste, the boozy brew is delicious blended with ice or straight. It’s even versatile enough to be an excellent mixer.


At 25-proof, FrappaChata requires zero refrigeration and is available in 100-milliliter bottles for a $2 or a standard 1.75-liter bottle at $20. Unfortunately, you will only be able to find the iced coffee and rum blend in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota liquor stores for now, but the company said it will be available from coast to coast soon.

Interested in other ways to spike your iced coffee? Check these recipes out.

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