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Prosecco Pong is The Drinking Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

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You’ve probably played a game of beer pong in your lifetime, with lightweight Ping-Pong balls eliciting that characteristic clunk as they land in a shallow pool of domestic beer held by an oversize red Solo cup. The game certainly hasn’t changed much since its entrance on the college scene somewhere between the 1960s and ’70s, so we’re predicting this new pong product may start a boundary-pushing trend in the beer pong world.

A party supply store based in Dallas recently released Prosecco Pong, a new version of the classic party game complete with 12 plastic coup glasses and millennial pink Ping-Pong balls. The game is played by the same rules as the original—just swap in a little bubbly for your Bud.


Opt for glittery prosecco, which debuted this year, and this could be the perfect activity for your New Year’s Eve cocktail party. Or maybe opt for blue prosecco for a crazy color contrast.

No matter how you play the game, this $25 Instagram-worthy product is sure to be gracing your feed soon.

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