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Prosecco-Flavored Frosting Is Here To Change Your Desserts

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(image: Lakeland)

What could be better than a cold glass of prosecco—maybe flecked with raspberry-flavored glitter—on a summer evening? How about a cupcake topped with prosecco-flavored frosting?

Thanks to Lakeland, a U.K.-based company specializing in creative kitchenware and gifts, you can now top all of your baked goods with a light and fizzy frosting that perfectly mimics the sparkling wine’s flavors. The 350-gram tubs of Prosecco Flavour Frosting retail for £2.49—about $3.20—and are ready to use straight from the tub. The frosting is vegetarian and alcohol-free, so everyone can indulge in the sweet bubbly taste on everything from cakes to cookies (or straight from the tub—we won’t judge).




If prosecco isn’t your summer drink of choice, the company also sells Gin & Tonic frosting and a two-pack featuring Piña Colada and Mojito flavors.

Unfortunately, the frostings aren’t available for shipping to the U.S. right now. But other products from the Lakeland site are available for worldwide shipping, so we can only hope that the sweet frostings will be making their way stateside soon. Until then, we’ll be drinking our blue prosecco and Blackberry Sage Prosecco cocktail and dreaming of the day we can enjoy an edible form of the sparkling wine.

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