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Dodge a Hangover with the Right Holiday Spirits

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Everyone knows the holiday season tends to get a little boozy, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But with big indulgence comes big hangovers, and those are never fun. Luckily, science has provided some uniquely helpful advice regarding the best and worst spirits to prevent hangovers. Learn how you can drink smarter when your celebration schedule demands a little excess.

Yoko Inoue, a nutritionist from Australia, sat down with the Daily Mail to reveal her advice for avoiding a hangover after boozy holiday festivities. “Vodka, and other clear liquors like gin, tequila or sake, are less likely to cause a hangover,” she said. But for the best outcome, don’t start mixing any of those spirits with sugary mixers.


According to Inoue, cutting spirits with soft drinks can add to a headache the next morning, due the high sugar content. If you’re going to use a mixer, she instead recommends fruit juice. Perhaps something like a Screwdriver would be an excellent holiday choice.

Inoue also suggests white wine as a drink that leans more to the safe side, though she cautions that wine’s more festive cousin, sparkling wine, should be avoided. Although it works great to get you drunk quickly, due to the carbon dioxide in the bubbles, it can also leave you with a nastier hangover.

The worst culprit for terrible mornings-after? Inoue says that dubious honor goes to beer. Cheap wine and darker liquors like whiskey can also help contribute to a throbbing head the next day. But if you’re dead set on sipping one of these troublemakers, there are still ways to help prevent an impending hangover.

“It’s dehydrating for the body when you’re consuming alcohol, so you want to drink plenty of water,” said Inoue. Along with that, the nutritionist also stresses drinking coconut water before and after drinking, as well as not mixing different types of liquors.

Tried your best to avoid the inevitable, but still came out worse for wear? Check out some popular hangover cures below:


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