Portobello Road Gin Launching in U.S.

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Gin lovers: Did you know there’s a wonderful place on London’s famous Portobello Road dedicated to studying your favorite spirit?

The Ginstitute, which opened in 2011, is a combination gin museum and laboratory, located above the popular Portobello Star Pub—and it now has its own signature gin.

Partners, restauranteurs and gin experts Ged Feltham, Jake Burger, Paul Lane and Tom Coates, who also run the Ginstitute, toiled in the Ginstitute’s tiny distillery to create the aptly named Portobello Road Gin.

After trying various combinations of botanicals from all over Europe, they settled on a recipe for traditional London Dry gin that’s heavy on juniper, and also combines notes of lemon, bitter orange, coriander, cassia bark (which is in the cinnamon family), licorice and nutmeg. The result is a drinkable and versatile spirit that’s easy to sip on its own and versatile enough for a Gin and Tonic or Gimlet and everything in between.

Partnering with The Thames Distillery in South West London Maxwell has allowed Portobello Road Gin to grow beyond the Ginstitute. 3,000 bars and restaurants in England currently carry the gin, and beginning on April 20th, it will be available stateside in New York and Pennsylvania for an affordable $32.

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