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5 Colorful Ways to Drink More Pomegranate This Season

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Looking for more uses for jewel-like pomegranate seeds?

Send those juice-filled pods flying into an assortment of winter cocktails, including dark red Sangria, bubbly hard cider and even gin-spiked ice pops.


1. Sanguine Sangria with Apple & Pomegranate

The secret to this captivating crimson punch is a boatload of pomegranate juice and seeds. Pair that sweet duo with a bottle of juicy red wine and good quality brandy, then float apples, lemons and crushed cardamom pods on the surface. Get the recipe.

2. Clementine & Pomegranate Cocktail

Nothing bad ever started with clementine juice. Bright limoncello and rum lend a little buzz to this tall glass of citrusy sunshine, but it’s the burst of pomegranate juice that really gets the holiday flavors humming. Get the recipe.

3. Persephone’s Downfall

Ready to knock some socks off? Break out the pomegranate liqueur and combine with blanco tequila, Demerara syrup, lemon juice and a spicy shrub. Then gild the lily with a creamy Fino sherry foam made in a whipped cream canister. Get the recipe.

4. Saucy Santa Cider 

The scenario: You’re strapped for time but still want to serve a holiday-hued, crowd-pleasing cocktail. Time to call in the pomegranates. Muddle the seeds with a sprig of rosemary and sugar, then top with hard cider and voila! Holiday cocktails are ready in seconds. Get the recipe.

5. Gin & Tonic Pomegranate Pops

 Image: trickytine.com 

G&T fans, meet a wintry twist on the classic cocktail. Liven up your Popsicles by freezing pomegranate seeds inside molds filled with gin, tonic, lemon juice and simple syrup. Get the recipe.

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