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A New York Bar Is Selling a $100 Platinum Margarita

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(image: RT.com)

Move over, edible gold garnish. Now you can order a stunning cocktail that looks like molten metal.

This futuristic drink, dubbed the Liquid Platinum Margarita, combines Gran Patron Platinum tequila (retail price: $200), Dolin vermouth, rose water, agave syrup and lime juice. Then an edible platinum pigment is swirled into the mix to create an out-of-this-world homage to metallic mixology.


This limited-time galactic wonder, which at $100 tops the menu at Lower East Side hot spot Delilah, is served in a coupe glass and garnished with an edible silver orchid. The craziest part? Thanks to a pinch of xanthan gum, the finished creation sparkles and swirls all by itself.

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