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5 Easy Pitcher Drinks for a Partytastic Memorial Day

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The glory of the pitcher drink lies in its assembling ease.

Step one: Grab a pitcher. Step two: Lob in varying amounts of booze, fruit and ice. Step three: Stir and sit back. No need to fuss with shakers or individual garnishes, because the big-batch pitcher is the cocktail equivalent of a one-pot wonder.

Ready to cocktail your way to Memorial Day bliss? These pitcher drinks will keep your guests well-juiced through the whole weekend.

1. Beer Cassis

Byrrh, cassis and Belgian-style pale ale might seem an unlikely trio, but they get along famously in a pitcher. Byrrh, an aperitif made with red wine and quinine, offers bitter floral notes which happily tangle with the sweet blackcurrant of cassis. Top the lot with a crisp wheat beer and citrus slices and your new summer staple bursts into life. Get the recipe.

2. Strawberry Pisco Punch

The formula for an endlessly drinkable punch? Floating fruit and bountiful bubbles. This pisco-based punch has both in spades. Fresh strawberry syrup is an inspired cohort for St-Germain, and sparkling apple cider lends fizz with a spark of tartness that keeps the punch from swaying overly sweet. Get the recipe.

3. Bowery Punch

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Adapted from a Death & Co. recipe, this ginny punch is no slouch. The base of Tanqueray gets a boost from Cappelletti, a crimson, wine-based Italian aperitif that’s a subtly sweeter version of Campari. Sugar cubes, grapefruit juice, Peychaud’s bitters and club soda corral the punch into bittersweet balance. Get the recipe.

4. Inverness Cocktail Pitchers

When company comes calling, it’s time to break out the ginger-honey syrup. That freshly grated ginger teams with Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur to give this pitcher its kick. Light rum, citrus juices, coconut water and orange bitters roll in to tame the spice, complete with a cooling sprig of mint. Get the recipe.

5. Tequila & Campari with Tangerine

That old sugary Tequila Sunrise has nothing on this freshly-squeezed tangerine stunner. Rich añejo tequila is a pleasing counterpart to bitter Campari, both brightened by sunny citrus juice and a sturdy pour of seltzer. Get the recipe.

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