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PicoBrew Reveals New Genius Invention

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PicoBrew is brewing up greatness with its latest and (in our opinion) greatest invention. Its hottest product on the Kickstarter market right now, Pico Model C, allows for customers to have their own custom craft beer brewed at their convenience. This clever appliance has been proving its worth and has gone above and beyond its crowdfunding goal.


To sweeten the deal for its loyal fans, PicoBrew is launching PicoStill, which can be purchased in a bundle with the Pico Model C or sold separately. The PicoStill is an attachment that’s compatible with any Pico or Zymatic brewing appliance. It contains a copper distilling coil and a glass infusion chamber used to distill essential oils, waters and spirits (with a proper license, of course).

This product will be a game-changer for licensed brewers who are looking to produce custom beer blends and spirits. “The PicoStill not only empowers small-batch brewers to create ingredients like hop oil and essential oils more easily than ever before but also gives them the most precise and safest technology to do it with,” says Dr. Bill Mitchell, the CEO of PicBrew. The prices for this genius invention vary according to how early you arrive to the Kickstarter party and are listed in the bundle for $499 and individually for $170.

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