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Pickle Beer Released For Boston Pickle Fair

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(image: Instagram via @dtrbrewery)

July is National Pickle Month, and there’s no better time to celebrate than in 2018. From Pickle Martinis to canned-for-cocktails pickle brine, we thought we had seen it all in the weird pickle product market.  

Now, beer enthusiasts can also join in on the pickle craze. While pickles have long been a beloved bar snack, a brewery in Everett, Mass., has taken that practice to the next level. In June, Down the Road Beer Co. released a new beer called Sam-Sam the Pickle Man for the Boston Pickle Fair. After gaining approval to sell beer at the event, Down the Road Beer Co. felt it should create a themed beer for the occasion.


Described as a spicy-dill pickle sour, the brew was created in collaboration with Grillo’s Pickles. Rather than a true sour beer, Sam-Sam the Pickle Man is actually a Berliner weisse that has been brewed with Grillo’s spicy dill pickle brine, which in turn provides the sour flavor.

Not yet up for pickle-flavored beer? Maybe you should stick with your whiskey and pickle back if you’re craving booze and pickles.

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