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5 Ways to Add Persimmons to Your Classic Cocktails

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Just as we’re mourning the end of peach season, a new crop of fall fruit ripens. Persimmons, which have an autumn appropriate hue, can be enjoyed raw, cooked, or added to a classic cocktail.

There are two varieties of persimmon readily available: the round, squat fuyu, a mildly sweet variety, and the astringent hachiya, which must be completely soft, even mushy, before they’re sweet enough to eat.


Looking to give your Old Fashioneds and Cosmopolitans a seasonal makeover? An easy addition of autumn’s tangerine-hued persimmon is what Mother Nature ordered.

Spiced Persimmon Old Fashioned

Image: Salt & Wind

It doesn’t get more classic than the Old Fashioned, but you can vary the essential recipe by adding persimmon puree and maple syrup to rye whiskey, and stirring it up with a cinnamon stick. Get the recipe.

Persimmon Sour

Image: Serious Eats

Get your food processor ready: you’ll need it to make a sizeable batch of the persimmon puree required for this tart elixir. Just add lime juice and gin to complete the equation.Get the recipe.

Persimmon Cosmopolitan

Image: Food & Style

Leave the cranberry juice in the ’90s—what your Cosmo needs now is a heaping measure of persimmon. The addition of a little elderflower liqueur completes the makeover. Get the recipe.

Persimmon Margaritas

Want an early autumn fiesta in your glass? Add some persimmon puree to your Margarita, then rim the glass with a combination of sugar, salt and cinnamon. It’s a fall twist on summer’s favorite drink. Get the recipe.

Persimmon Champagne Cocktail

For this fizzy refresher, you first make a syrup with persimmon, rosemary and nutmeg, mix it with lemon juice and orange liqueur and then top it off with some bubbles. Cheers to autumn! Get the recipe.

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