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PBR Whiskey Is Every Hipster’s Dream Come True

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When it comes to cheap drinking, Pabst Blue Ribbon is reliably there by your side, available for no more than $3 at your local dive. If you need to take things up a notch, an affordable whiskey is as natural a partnership as peanut butter and jelly to the hipster-loved brew.

When we heard that PBR is releasing its own official whiskey this summer, well, it just made sense. While the company has yet to make an official statement about the forthcoming liquor, the label became public record when it was sent to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for approval.


According to the branding, the 80-proof whiskey will be made from 52 percent corn, 27 percent malted barley, 17 percent wheat and 4 percent rye. The label also states that the whiskey was “aged for five seconds,” which could imply that the liquid inside will actually be a white whiskey.

The first-ever branded whiskey is said to be “made from nature’s choicest products that, legend has it, Jacob Best used in 1844 to provide its smooth, complex flavor” in partnership with Michigan’s New Holland.

What will they think of next?

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