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Make a Better Version of Your Favorite Vodka Cocktail

Presented by VDKA 1600

You can’t make a good vodka cocktail without a pure base. And it’s tough to get anything more pure than VDKA 6100. It’s made from New Zealand spring water and seasonal whey. It’s also
free of sugar, lactose, gluten and additives of every kind.

In other words, it’s the perfect start to any vodka cocktail.


So it’s only fitting that VDKA 6100 would launch a handy and entertaining cocktail series. The
videos in the series share updated recipes for favorites like the Gimlet and Bloody Mary. But these videos are more than just a brush-up on vodka classics. You can learn how to make less familiar (but equally delicious) cocktails, ranging from the refreshing Dark Sparrow to the delightfully fiery Spicy Kiss.

The recipes were carefully curated, but feel free to add your own flourishes. Just don’t mess
with the most important part: the vodka. Because whatever your drink of choice, there’s no
substitute for VDKA 6100.

Brands: VDKA 6100
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