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This Singular Cask Has a Story to Tell | Partner Tip

How do you commemorate 225 years of exceptional winemaking? Ask Sandeman, the brand that just released a single cask melding wines crafted by multiple generations of its Master Blenders.

That illustrious cask tells the story of Sandeman’s very old Tawny Porto: Cask 33. The 50-year-old blend of aged Tawny was laid down in the 1960s and includes wines of up to 70 years of age—from the vibrant 30-year-old to the rich 60-year-old—each selected by the head winemaker to create the perfect blend.


A tribute to Sandeman’s rich legacy, Cask 33 binds two crucial elements from the past. The first is the unique blend of aged Tawnies that led to a Porto that was destined to be bottled on its own. The second is the creation of Cask 33’s one-of-a-kind bottle. Designed in the style of those originally used in 1790, the bottle was hand-blown by one of Portugal’s last great artisanal bottleworks—and stands as a limited-edition piece of art.

Enjoy this very old Tawny Porto on its own, allowing the intense aroma and flavor to shine through. It’s a truly memorable way to experience Sandeman’s long and vibrant history.

Learn more about Sandeman Cask 33’s incredible story and taste a little bit of history for yourself.

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