6 Ways the World Has Changed in the Last 6 Years

Presented by Templeton Rye

2010: Lebron James publicly announced he was leaving Cleveland to play in Miami.
2016: He’s back in Cleveland, having won the city its first championship in more than 50 years.

2010: KFC released the double-down, a sandwich that used fried chicken for buns.
2016: KFC is making that product seem tame by releasing fried chicken scented suntan lotion.

2010: Instagram was launched.
2016: Your friends, grandma, dog and 500 million other people have an account.

2010: HBO releases the first trailer for an intriguing fantasy series called Game of Thrones.
2016: The show has overtaken the incredibly dense series of books it was based on, and has become a global phenomenon.

2010: Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos.
2016: He’s out of football, and will be trying out for Major League Baseball teams.

2010: Templeton Rye put aside barrels of the good stuff.
2016: Templeton Rye 6 Year is finally hitting shelves.

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