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Experience Two Lands in One Bottle of Wine | Partner Tip

California and Australia are both home to extraordinary winemaking regions.

Californian wines celebrate complex flavor and contemporary techniques; Australian wines boast the rich character of the country’s iconic fruit. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the two regions met in one bottle?


Two Lands answers that grand question. Released in March, the new premium wine range is a collaboration between Australia’s Jacob’s Creek chief winemaker Bernard Hickin and award-winning Napa winemaker Ehren Jordan. The range was designed to represent the best of both worlds, and explores the intersection of Australian character and Californian craftsmanship.

Enhanced by the partnership between two winemaking experts, Two Lands is a fresh new expression of Australian wine. Hickin brings with him a rich heritage and mastery of Australian terroir, while Jordan lends his progressive Californian techniques including late harvesting, wild yeast fermentation and open fermentation. The combination of these separate attributes results in unique wines of great character and complexity.

Bearing the distinctive, ripe flavor of Australian fruit and the silky texture that is the hallmark of great California wines, the Two Lands range includes four wines: a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot Grigio. Taste each region’s inherent strengths in the Cabernet Sauvignon’s smooth notes of blackberry and plum and the Chardonnay’s soft ripe melon, cut through with zesty citrus. Each wine displays the dazzling results of this collaboration between two different lands—and promises much to look forward to.

Experience the best of both worlds in a bottle of Two Lands today.

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