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Bartenders: The Harvey Wallbanger is Back | Partner Tip

Remember the Harvey Wallbanger?

The name denotes more than just a drink. Harvey Wallbanger represents a larger-than-life personality, an iconic cocktail and an overall experience. Today, Harvey’s primed for an epic comeback—and it’s all happening in the Windy City.


Harvey’s story began on the beach. Long Beach, California, to be exact. Harvey was a surfer whose favorite cocktail was an upgrade on the Screwdriver: vodka and orange juice with a splash of Galliano. After winning an important surfing competition, Harvey headed to the local bar to celebrate with his favorite drink. A few too many glasses later, Harvey staggered out of the bar, banging his surfboard from wall to wall. The result? Friends started calling him Harvey Wallbanger.

That casual nickname then became the name for his go-to Galliano cocktail, and the Harvey Wallbanger phenomenon was born. The cocktail caught on like wildfire, as did Harvey’s likeness—a cartoon character who became a popular international figure that spread cheer across multiple continents.

The secret to Harvey’s success? Galliano, the elegant golden liqueur that was devised in the late 1800s from a secret distillation of 80 different herbs and flowers. Galliano proved to be a versatile mixing ingredient, and the Harvey Wallbanger reigned as king cocktail of the ’70s. Harvey was the life of every party, the official business class cocktail on TWA flights and the beloved character even ran for president.

Decades later, Harvey is back on top. Bartenders all over Chicago are celebrating the cocktail’s return with its original formula and inspired new forms like Galliano & Tonic, Galliano mist and soda and progressive variations using quality spirits like Tito’s Vodka. Eager to welcome Harvey back with open arms? Embark on a local Harvey Wallbanger Bar Crawl to see how your fellow bartenders are celebrating the iconic cocktail and its fun-filled history.

Rediscover the Harvey Wallbanger lifestyle with Galliano and welcome an old friend back to the neighborhood.

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