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Bartenders: Meet the New Rye Made with Some of the World’s Finest Grain | Partner Tip

As a bartender, you most likely know that Canada produces some of the best rye grain in the world.

The question is, where does that fine grain end up? Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is the answer.


Considered the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky, Crown Royal boasts more than 75 years of whisky-blending expertise. The brand mingles more than 50 different whiskies to create its signature Deluxe blend. Now, for the first time ever, one of the four main components at the heart of that blend is being bottled on its own.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is the venerable brand’s first blended rye offering. Crafted from 90-percent rye whisky, this distinctive spirit is extraordinarily smooth, with a peppery heat and full-bodied sweetness that finishes with lingering spice notes.

The root of that rich flavor? Canada’s distinctive climate. In Canada, rye grain is planted in the fall and then shrouded by a blanket of winter snow. Once the snow melts, the robust winter rye matures over spring and summer, and is harvested and distilled into a deliciously balanced whisky built on layers of flavor.

The trade has already taken notice. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was awarded Double Gold in the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a fitting tribute to a spirit that combines the familiar flavor of Canadian rye with the trademark smoothness of Crown Royal.

Ready to experiment with this distinctive new rye? Begin by exploring the tradition of classic rye cocktails. The Manhattan reaches its peak when stirred with a rye whisky bearing notes of butterscotch and vanilla and an invigorating spice. One sip of a cocktail made with Northern Harvest Rye will convince you and your guests that no other rye will do.

Experience the extraordinarily smooth flavor of Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye behind your bar now.

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