Try These Single Malts Before Everyone’s Talking About Them

Presented by Aberlour

Unless you’ve been judging a whisky competition, this is probably the first you’re hearing about Aberlour. But its range of single malts, along with the reaction each bottle receives, speaks for itself.

Just look at how Aberlour performed at the 2016 International Whisky Competition. It was named the Distillery of the Year and earned a gold medal for Best Single Malt Scotch 12 Years.

But the praise wasn’t reserved for one bottle of single malt—or given by a single competition.
Aberlour A’Bunadh won the 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman’s Trophy with an
astronomically high 98-point rating. Aberlour 16 wasn’t far behind with a score of 97.

The single malt’s growing in popularity as its trophy case gets bigger, so grab a bottle before your customers start clamoring for it. Get a taste of Aberlour soon, for the sake of your customers and your own palate.

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