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The Longer You Age Rye Whiskey, The More You Can Expect

Presented by Templeton Rye

A lot of distillers try to impress using the science that goes into a bottle of rye—from the specific type of wood used for barrels to the precise temperature the malt is heated to. All of that technology matters. But nothing is more important than time.

When you give rye whiskey more time to age, you get a whole lot more. You get an enhanced profile, a bold and distinct flavor, and a higher proof that’s perfectly suited for craft cocktails. It doesn’t take a PhD to achieve this result—just patience. And you’re not going to find a more patient whiskey producer than Templeton Rye, which is releasing its first new product in a decade: Templeton Rye 6 Year.


Templeton understands that the good stuff gets better with age, which is why its distillers set aside some of their high-quality whiskey to mature. Six years later, it’s finally ready.

Next time you reach for a bottle of rye, don’t just look at the name on the label. Look for the number next to it. Because when a whiskey like Templeton Rye shows its age, it’s telling you a lot more.

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