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Bartenders: Meet Your Favorite New Bar Tool | Partner Tip

The bane of every bartender’s existence? Full bar inventory. The solution? A new tool that reduces the amount of time it takes to complete that time-sucking necessity—from six hours to 15 minutes.

Partender is a game-changing inventory management software that digitizes the archaic pen and paper process to just a few taps and swipes on your smartphone.


No more guessing on a 10-point scale, calling out numbers, writing everything down (what is this, 1829?) and doing manual data entry:

  • Just tap to wherever the liquor level is on the image of the bottle in front of you.
  • Swipe to the next bottle on your shelf… and that’s it. That’s inventory.
  • When you’re done, instantly get emailed your Inventory Spreadsheet and Purchase Order.

Forward off to your rep and you’re done with inventory and ordering in minutes.

You’ll be done with inventory and ordering in just 15 minutes and can place your order on time (or just go home). Even better, with Partender’s report you can easily get your beverage cost, calculate P&Ls and more. Not the one who deals with all the monies? Don’t fret. You can have the numbers guy/gal instantly receive your report as well. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

Conceived and built by industry professionals who also happen to be tech nerds, Partender’s innovative design allows bartenders to focus on their craft and make more money, rather than spending countless hours inaccurately surveying bottles.

With the power of Partender, bars and restaurants are quickly and easily increasing their bottom lines by:

  • Never running out (read: no more missed sales) or over-ordering
  • Viewing top mover trends to optimize menu pricing and profit margins
  • Identifying and eliminating dead stock
  • Leveraging data for better distributor discounts

Partender’s mission is to keep bars and restaurants in business by increasing transparency and providing powerful knowledge. Over 4,000 venues worldwide are already on Partender. Not to mention, the genius app has been picked up by Bar Rescue as the show’s preferred inventory system. Because the company is backed by the likes of Joe Lonsdale of Formation 8, Winklevoss Twins and Tucker Max, and the app is used by the biggest names in the business, these guys are officially on the fast track to the top.

Check out Partender’s sleek website and register for a free trial now—and say goodbye to bar inventory as you know it.

Fun Tip: You can actually inventory anything on Partender—batch cocktails, Moscow Mule copper mugs, limes, steaks, bar tools, swag—you name it.

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