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Remember Palcohol? It Now Has Full Federal Approval

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Palcohol, a company that produces “just add water” powdered alcohol and cocktails, seemed like a certain bust last year after the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau approved it last April, only to backtrack and reverse its decision a day later.

On March 10, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave the controversial powdered alcohol the official green light—but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to purchase the packets of vodka, rum, Cosmopolitan and Margarita–flavored Palcohol anytime soon.


Despite federal approval—and Palcohol’s own attempts at debunking criticisms—some states, including Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, Michigan, and Vermont have preemptively banned Palcohol.

The New York Senate also passed a bill last year that intends to ban any form of “powdered or crystalline alcoholic product.” New York Senator Joseph Griffo said in a press release, “There are very serious concerns about the illegal use of powdered alcohol by young people, possibly even bringing it into schools or other events and locations that prohibit alcohol consumption. […] It could even be sprinkled onto someone’s food or in their drink without the other person’s knowledge.”

Of course, Palcohol’s CEO Mark Phillips is hellbent on disproving these potential misuses of the product, noting on the company’s homepage the media’s “ignorance about the product” and saying, “we know from experience that Prohibition doesn’t work.”

Though we still have to wonder, a year laterWhy?

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