Packing Heat

The excitement and adrenalin rush of the last ski run of the day is fading, and it’s getting colder as the sun sets. It’s officially time to warm up in front of the fire with some fire water. We’re talking about high-octane spirits (at least 100 proof) that will heat you up from the inside out. And whether by the shot or the sip, they’re a well-deserved reward for a day spent carving up the slopes.


Bourbon is not for the faint of heart. For special occasions, there are seriously strong bourbons, including Wild Turkey 101 ($20) and Booker’s ($50), which has a proof of between 121 and 127. What’s amazing is that even at more than 50% alcohol, both spirits are full of rich vanilla flavor and have a long complex finish.


A glass of Scotch is the perfect drink for a relaxing evening in a toasty lodge. While most distillers add some water to their finished product to make it more drinkable, there are a few bottlings that are pure unadulterated whisky. Get comfy and have a glass of Macallan’s 116 proof Cask Strength ($60) whisky or a glass of Laphroaig’s 114 proof 10-year-old Cask Strength  ($50) whisky.


The Russians and Swedes know something about handling cold weather. Their age-old remedy for fighting a chill is a shot of vodka. Turn the thermostat way up with Absolut 100 ($20) or Stoli 100 ($26). (Both vodkas are, of course, 100 proof.) Careful, though: If you have too many rounds you may not feel like skiing the next day.

Did we miss your favorite cold weather liquor? Tell us about it.

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  • Bjarne Wahl posted 6 years ago

    Well a scotch is always a good thing, no matter if it's cold or hot weather! I'm not one of those who are gonna frown upon the Bourbon drinkers, I simply love my Makers Mark ;)

    But as for a drink in the cold days and evenings, I will strongly recommend a good dark rum. Personally, I prefer drinking Ron Zacapa 23. Else, a cognac works great aswell! Though I'm not that familiar with cognacs...

  • Jordan posted 8 years ago

    Ice 101® peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate can't be beat after a long day of skiing!

    I've had the Macallan’s 116 proof Cask Strength, I'm not going to lie I had to water it down a little.

    Wild Turkey I've only tried as a shot and that is absolutely painful.

    Laphroaig’s 114 proof 10-year-old Cask Strength is Super Peaty if its not the most peaty scotch give me one that tops it.

  • Terry B. posted 8 years ago

    Wild Turkey,ah,yes.So,what's up with the Scotch drinker's anyway?They like their "stuff",and we like One Of "The Old Time Favorites,Wild Turkey.Can't go wrong here,ladie's & gent's.Whatever you choose to drink,it's o.k.Hey, DON'T DRIVE DRUNK,PULL OVER,WE WANT ALL OF YOU TO BE SAFE.Your friend from,Tucson,Arizona

  • MyDunQH posted 8 years ago

    Why would scotch drinkers look down on bourbon...seeing as they are using our barrels to make their brew? without us bourbon fans there would be no scotch...proud Ky girl in bourbon country

  • faceywacey posted 8 years ago

    I do like a good scotch but, what's wrong with a lil something sweet every once in a while? When it's cold and I wanna cuddle up next to my fireplace I like to make my cocoa a lil more high octane then what I put in the kid's cups. A few things that work are of course peppermint schnapps or maybe a lil brandy. Also, baileys or godiva coffee additives work wonders for cocoa. Grab your snuggies and light that fire, it's gonna be a good good night!

  • Marc posted 8 years ago

    Agreed - Bookers is so, so good. Just a single cube and sip it - may be 'spensive but it doesn't take much at that proof! I'm always a fan of Maker's Mark - beautiful distillery as well if you're ever in Loretto, Ky.

  • rizzo posted 8 years ago

    what about hot buttered rum? tequila always warms the soul. have you tried 100 proof dulce vida?

  • Margaret Campbell posted 8 years ago

    Thank you!

    Us bourbon drinkers do get tired of the Scotch drinkers looking down their noses at us.

    At the moment, I'm working on a bottle of Elijah Craig and one of Booker's. Bookers is one of my all time favorites. Then there's Bakers and Basil Hayden--the last is rather rye-ish.

    For cheaper, I do recommend Jack Daniels Single Barrel--note, that doesn't taste anything like your basic JD....

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