Our Final Four

After dozens of games, countless baskets of wings and enough Jim Nantz to make you contemplate watching another sport, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is finally coming to a conclusion.

And not a moment too soon: All the nail-biting wins and heart-breaking buzzer-beaters have taken a toll on your body and psyche. (Let alone the endless—and ultimately futile—“bracketology” analysis.) You deserve a well-made drink for your tireless armchair cheerleading.

Celebrate your good fortune (yes, we mean you, Butler and Connecticut fans) and toast your team’s skills with the Champagne-and-gin French 75 (pictured above) and the bubbly-and-Guinness Black Velvet.

Or mourn your defeats (sorry, Duke and Ohio State fans) with a boozy classic, like the bitter Negroni and the briny Dirty Martini. We especially suggest fixing one if you insist on watching the last few rounds.

But no matter the state of your bracket, please join us in raising a glass to the winner of the Big Dance.

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Hey,what does Jim Nance know anyway? He's not doin any drinking here with us.We here in Tucson,Az. know alot more than ol'Jimbo knows about drinking here with us all.We here in Tucson,Az want to you all again real soon.So,be safe,and,drink wisely.

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