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6 Mind-Blowing Old Tom Gin Cocktails

Image: Serious Eats

London dry is the most common form of gin today. Recently genever, the ancestor of gin, has been gaining popularity. So what else does this family of spirits have to offer? Old Tom.

Before London dry rose to prominence, the slightly sweeter old Tom is thought to have been the standard formula for gin. Using old Tom gin makes classic cocktails like the Tom Collins and the Garrick Club Punch taste as close as possible to their original forms when gin likely tasted close to the old Tom variety. But just because old Tom is rooted in the past, know that that style of gin is no dusty relic: It plays nicely in modern concoctions too.

1. Wedgewood Cooler

Booze Nerds

This cooler combines fresh muddled mint and lime with old Tom gin and Chartreuse. Topped with a little club soda, this original cocktail from the Booze Nerds is the perfect way to introduce something new to gin drinkers and Mojito lovers alike. Get the recipe.

2. (This Way to) The Egress

Fogged In Lounge

This Old Tom Gin cocktail’s unusual name was inspired by Barnum’s American Museum, the 19th century New York house of oddities. There, a sign supposedly proclaimed “this way to egress,” convincing patrons they were headed to an exhibit when they were actually exiting the museum. Ransom Old Tom Gin combined with apricot brandy and lemon juice tastes like a drink you might have sipped before Barnum’s was destroyed in a fire in 1865. Get the recipe.

3. Autumn Spice

The Whiskey Thief

For such a classic spirit, old Tom gin has made its way into some pretty modern cocktails, even this fall-themed creation. Months from now, when everything from coffee to cocktails suddenly turn sugary and orange in the name of fall, you’ll be armed with this sweet and spicy libation—sans pumpkin-spice syrup. Get the recipe.

4. Black Cat

Good Spirits News

This is one of those cocktails where the recipe calls for nearly everything but the kitchen sink. This kitchen basin holds something unheard of and delicious. In this creation, old Tom holds its own among both mezcal and sherry, grapefruit zest, simple syrup and vermouth. Get the recipe.

5. The Maddow

Serious Eats

Inspired by the Manhattan, this unique Old Tom Gin cocktail is quite unlike its namesake. Old Tom gin, two types of vermouth, St-Germain and Fee’s Bros Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters make up this modern concoction which was—interestingly enough—named after Rachel Maddow with the simple hope of attracting her attention. Get the recipe.

6. Cedar Fever

Star Chefs

“Cedar fever” refers to a condition similar to hay fever that many Texans suffer from each year when the air is full of pollen from juniper trees. So why name a drink after a condition that leads to burning eyes and a runny nose? We can only assume it’s an ode to the evergreen, since this recipe calls for Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps, a liqueur made in Austria. Combine that with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, St-Germain and bitters for a beautiful medley of botanicals. Get the recipe.