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Where Will You Be Celebrating Old Fashioned Week?

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Few cocktails inspire the same love as the Old Fashioned. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

The oldest written recipe for the Old Fashioned supposedly dates back to 1802, but it’s safe to say that probably wasn’t the first time an enterprising bartender thought to combine a spirit, sugar and bitters.

That raises an important question: Why did it take until 2015 for anyone to think to spend a week celebrating the grandfather of all cocktails?

Old Fashioned Week, now in its fourth year, is making up for lost time by taking the party global. From November 1 through 10, Bars in 13 time zones will be offering incredible deals on every variety of Old Fashioned you can imagine.

Two-for-one classics featuring Woodford Reserve and Angostura bitters? Check.

Want free tastings of recipes made with Havana Club and Monkey Shoulder? You got it.

Look for a bar near you pouring an Old Fashioned just the way you like it.
Look for a bar near you pouring an Old Fashioned just the way you like it.

How about special prices on handcrafted cocktails showcasing Cognac Ferrand and Rhum J.M? It’s happening this November. There are more than a thousand bars participating in Beijing, Johannesburg, Madrid, New York, San Francisco and more big and small cities around the world. Chances are high there’s a place near you preparing its own special Old Fashioned for the occasion. Find the bar—or bars, no need to limit yourself to one—where you’re going to celebrate Old Fashioned Week.

Can’t wait until November? Get a head start by making recipes from Old Fashioned Week bartenders and brands.

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