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Nutty Collaboration: Tangerine Express IPA Stoneground Nutbutter

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From gin and tonic marmalade to jelly made from wine, boozy breakfast spreads aren’t just a novelty anymore. While those sugary treats sure sound great, where are the drunken spreads for people who crave something a little less sweet and a lot more nutty? Now, thanks to a partnership between craft brewers and nut enthusiasts, we can have our IPA and eat it too.

If you’ve been searching for an excuse to drink beer in the morning, Tangerine Express IPA Stoneground Nutbutter, a collaboration from Nutista and Stone Brewing, just might be your answer. While this craveable spread, reminiscent of “a marmalade and nutbutter blend,” may not be intoxicating, the decadent flavors are sure to satiate that desire for a taste of summertime IPA.


Made with blanched almonds, roasted peanuts, brewer’s yeast, dry malt extract, sea salt, pineapple, tangerine and “nuttin’ else,” Nutista recommends serving it on toast in the evening alongside a Stone Tangerine Express IPA. If your preferred method is by the spoonful, any time of the day works too. No judgment from us!

Curious about other means of indulging in alcoholic-beverage-inspired spreads? Learn how to make your own bourbon-spiked jam, or skip the spreads altogether with this peanut butter and jelly bourbon.

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